The loyal visitors of Zomer- and Wintergo already have a number in their cupboard: a colorful collection of mugs. During the last editions of Zomer- and Wintergo, the participants could always order a mug with their (nick) name and an image. A nice keepsake and collector's item, but also very practical. How else do you find your mug in a group of 30-50 people?

Design the mug for Lentego 2022!
Also this year we are holding a design competition for the mug. Get involved and eternal fame is yours. These are the design requirements:

  • 19.0 x 8.5 cm
  • the text Lentego 2022┬áis in the design in a visible color
  • there is an empty space of at least 6.0 * 1.5 cm for the (nick) name
  • you deliver the design digitally
  • the design will be received by the organization no later than April 15th

Send the design to zomerwintergo at gmail dot com.